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Pre-approval Process
There is one requirement: a 650 FICO score.*
Credit Scores 650+
If you qualify with a 650+ FICO score, your first main point of contact will be with a Funding Specialist. Our Funding Specialists will call you within 24 hours. In this call, they ask for a copy of your last two pay stubs (W-2) or your last two years of tax returns (if self-employed) and for your credit report through SeeYourScore.com which will not add an inquiry or affect your credit in any way. Already having these on hand will help speed up the process.
Credit Scores Below 650...
If your credit score is below 650, we will email you to ask a few more questions. There may be other potential funding options available, and we want to do everything we can to help you get the money you need. If you cannot get funding, you will be referred to a credit repair program, which will walk you through the process of how to improve your credit score with the goal of becoming eligible for funding.

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